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What's wrong with the lees dryer motor?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-23  

  When the market uses waste, high-humidity materials have also been greatly developed and used. Under this background, the economic price of distiller's grains has been fully explored, and drying is a prerequisite for the use of distiller's grains because the high-moisture distiller's grains cannot be used for secondary use. The motor is the core of the lees dryer, and it is the power source of the entire equipment body. First of all, the selection of the motor model that matches the drying equipment is the basic requirement. Secondly, the solution to the problem of motor failure during drying is as follows:

brewer's grain dryer

  1. Check whether the motor of the lees dryer is overloaded to prevent the phenomenon of small horse-drawn carts.

  2. Motor switch or contactor contact ablation or wiring problems caused the motor phase loss, it is recommended to add a thermal relay, the motor uses star angle voltage reduction.

  3. The motor bearing is damaged or the coupling fails, which causes the equipment to freeze, causing the stall current to increase.

  4. The damping of the motor causes the insulation resistance to drop, causing shorts between turns or leakage between the winding and the casing.

  5. The voltages are different. It is recommended to use a clamp meter to measure whether the motor current of the equipment is balanced.

  6. Check if the motor rotor has insufficient copper ring contact, and whether the coil impedance meets the standards.

  In addition, the high temperature of the motor will cause the equipment to be abnormal. The motor belt is a consumable. Therefore, the motor inspection of the brewer's grain dryer must be timely. If you encounter difficult problems in the use of the equipment, please contact us at any time.

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