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Requirements for the operation site of catering waste dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-18  

  The details determine the success or failure. This sentence can not be more suitable for the catering waste drying treatment. Similarly, as long as the production is in accordance with the process, the personal safety of front-line employees can be guaranteed, and the equipment life can be prolonged, thereby increasing the project revenue.

catering waste drying treatment

  Dingli summarizes the details that are easily overlooked by the staff in the kitchen waste production workshop:

  1. Hard hat wearing specifications, fasten the helmet belt;

  2. The distance between oxygen and acetylene bottles must not be less than 5 meters;

  3. The distance between the oxygen and acetylene bottles and the ignition point must not be less than 10 meters;

  4. The box type fire hydrant cannot fall to the ground, and it should be 1.1 meters away from the ground for easy operation;

  5. Safety door should use door pin device which is easy to open;

  6. Articles should be stored neatly and orderly, and the principles of "low weight, light height" should be followed when storing items;

  7. High-altitude operators must fasten their seat belts, wear hard hats, and dress smartly. It is forbidden to wear shoes with nails that are slippery. Various parts of the seat belts must not be removed arbitrarily.

  The above content are only parts of the excerpts of safe production in the catering waste drying process. There are still many codes of conduct that really need to be standardized. If you encounter problems during production that are not in the above range, please consult us!

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