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Unique structural characteristics of cassava residue dryer dust removal equipment

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-15  

  The environmentally-friendly cassava residue dryer is mainly composed of a heating source, a feeder, a rotary drum, a discharge machine, an induced draft fan, a discharger and a power distribution cabinet, and a dust removal device. The dust removal device is a device for collecting waste dust. The structure design and working quality have certain requirements. The following is a brief analysis of the unique structural characteristics of the dust removal equipment of the cassava residue dryer.

cassava residue dryer

  The structural design features of the machine's dust removal device are:

  1.Due to the hot and humid environment, it is easy to cause the equipment to rust. Therefore, the material of the filter bag and the anticorrosion of the internal surface of the equipment must correspond to it to ensure the life.

  2. Due to the high humidity of the gas, the collected dust may have large moisture and poor fluidity. In order to ensure smooth discharge, the hopper elevation angle, the selection of ash discharge equipment specifications and the configuration of the tank wall vibrator are all targeted.

  3. The filter material should be resistant to high temperatures of 250 ° C to 280 ° C. Due to the normal operation of the flue gas temperature ≤ 120 ° C from the design, but the raw material has a large moisture content and poor fluidity, material cutouts often occur in the shed. Once this happens, and the exhaust air control is not timely, the flue gas temperature will rise quickly.

  4. Adapt to high moisture and high dew point, the filter material must be hydrophobic, to ensure the adhesion of the dust bag; the shell should have good external insulation to ensure that there is no dew condensation; Avoid local dew condensation due to leakage of too much cold air, and also avoid leaks and leaks in the welding area.

  The unique design of the energy-saving cassava residue dryer's dust removal enables the waste gas and ash in the production to be effectively collected to prevent atmospheric pollution. For more knowledge about cassava dregs dryer, you can visit Dingli official website and contact online customer service.

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