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Tips on heat source selection for wood chip drying production line

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-14  

  The heat source is the source of power for the drying production line. A good heat source can make the efficiency of the drying production line more efficient. Today, I will introduce the selection points of the heat source for the wood chip drying production line.

wood chips drying production line

  1. The heat released by the heat source should meet the requirements for material drying. The moisture content of sawdust is about 45%. Wet sawdust requires sufficient heat and extremely high temperature for drying. Therefore, fuel with low heat release and low heating value can be rejected directly.

  2. The heat source must be environmentally friendly. The waste gas after the wood chip dryer's combustion source must be sulfur-free and reduce emissions. The heat source of our wood chip dryer adopts steam and biomass particulate fuel, which is safer and environmentally friendly.

  3. The heat source should be economically and easily available. The heat source of the wood chip dryer should be adapted to local conditions, which is easy to obtain, low in cost, and convenient to transport.

  4. The safety factor of the heat source should be high. Some dried materials are flammable, explosive, or oxidizable. It is recommended to use indirect heat transfer heat sources for processing such materials, direct flame type requires special flame retardant or explosion-proof measures;

  5. Easy to control. The heat source is easy to operate and control, and can be turned on and off immediately, which not only saves fuel costs, but also improves the thermal efficiency of the wood chip dryer. At the same time, the equipment can be shut down immediately when a failure occurs.

  If you are choosing a heat source for the wood chip drying production line, I hope the above points will help you choose a suitable heat source.

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