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Several processes of high-humidity material drying production line

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-12-02  

  The drying production line for high-humidity materials mainly has the following processes:

high-humidity materials drying production line

  Screening system: before dehydration and drying of high-humidity materials, the screening function is mainly completed by vibrating screen, that is, the screening of materials is completed with the cooperation of relevant parameters, which plays a very important role in the quality and speed of material drying effect.

  Dewatering system: the dewatering equipment is used to dewater the material to reduce the burden of high-humidity material drying in the later stage.

  Drying system: the material is transported to the cylinder to form reverse or forward contact with the high-temperature airflow, and the heat exchange is continuously completed under the rotation of the rotary drum and gravity to achieve the drying process of the material, which finally achieves the ideal drying effect .

  Control system: the control system of the rotary dryer can control the material humidity, drying temperature and the amount of material in and out through the operation of the machine. The application of the control system avoids the insecurity of direct human control and saves a lot of human resources.

  Dust removal system: during the operation of the rotary dryer, the dried material generally contains other mixtures and floating particles. These dust particles float in the air. The dust removal system is a very important part of the operation of the rotary dryer to avoid environmental pollution.

  The above are the processes of high-humidity material drying production line. If you want to know more details about high-humidity material drying, you can visit Zhengzhou Dingli official website to understand.

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