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What are the requirements for the cassava slag dryer for the material being dried?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-15  

  The remaining cassava slag processed by cassava can be used for brewing alcohol. Since the cassava residue contains moisture and is viscous, it needs to be removed and dispersed to be used as a raw material. The cassava slag dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli is specially used for the removal of moisture from cassava slag. During the drying process, the following properties are required for the material to be dried.

cassava residue dryer

  The cassava residue dryer has restrictions on materials. The raw materials can be: alcohol grains, straw, wood chips, shavings, valerian, ginkgo leaves, Chinese herbal medicine, beer grains, white distiller's grains, potato slag, cassava slag, barley malt, sugar cane bagasse, and the like.

  The machine also has certain requirements for the moisture of the material. If the moisture of the material before drying is 80%-90%, the moisture after drying is 20%-30%, if the moisture of the raw material before drying is about 40%, the moisture after drying is about 10%. Some customers think that regardless of the water content, the tumble dryer can dry the raw materials 100%, the idea is wrong. Different water content, drying effect is not the same, but if you want to dry the raw material with high water content to the best, you can dry twice.

  The cassava dregs dryer has a wide range of adaptability to materials, and the dehydration effect is remarkable, and the technology is leading, especially for the treatment of moisture. Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of slag dryers. Welcome to visit and inspect!

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