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Why does the sawdust carbonization furnace need a continuous type?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-13  

  The continuous sawdust carbonization furnace can greatly increase the carbon content of the carbonized finished product. The working principle is as follows: 1. The wood chips are ignited by the gasification furnace, and the flue gas generated by the gasification is recovered and purified into a combustible gas, ignite the bottom of the carbonization machine to achieve the purpose of heating carbonization machine (the vaporized wood chips are output through the ash discharge machine to carbonize the saleable carbon powder). 2. When the temperature of the sawing carbonization machine reaches 300 degrees, the loading machine starts feeding. 3. After the carbonization and heating of the self-produced gas, at this time, the gasifier of the gasifier stops working, and the preliminary heating equipment ends. 4. After 30 minutes, the finished product begins to be output through the finished product discharge machine, while discharging while feeding, continuous carbonization. 5. Wood tar is an important chemical raw material, wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements, this equipment will automatically discharge wood tar. 

sawdust carbonization furnace

  The unique design of the continuous sawdust charcoal making machine eliminates the need to dry the raw materials. The raw materials will automatically dry and automatically remove the water, which greatly improves the efficiency of carbonization. No matter from the carbonization quality or efficiency, it meets the needs of different customers and is recognized by everyone. Its energy-saving and environmentally-friendly characteristics are further supported by the government.

  The continuous sawdust carbonization machine makes full use of the flammable gas such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen generated by the gasification furnace in the carbonization process, and separates the wood tar and the wood acid solution through the flue gas purification system to obtain a pure combustible gas, and then burns by self-matching air. The device is fully burned and heated to a high temperature carbonization pipe (the temperature is generally controlled at about 600 ° C).

  The continuous sawdust carbonization machine has four layers of pipes from top to bottom. The first and second layers are preheated drying pipes, the third layer is a low temperature carbonization pipe, and the fourth layer is a high temperature carbonization pipe. The first and second floors are provided with independent exhaust pipes to discharge water vapor. The pipes use the residual heat in the furnace to dry the materials, and the water vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipes. The third and fourth floors are also provided with independent combustible gas recovery pipes. The carbonization pipes carbonize the materials at a high temperature to decompose flammable gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen, and heat the pipes through the recovery pipes, the flue gas purification system and the burner combustion. The effect of reciprocating cycle heating carbonization is achieved.

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