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The significance of developing pasture dryer equipment for the alfalfa industry

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-08  

  At present, the application of forage grass is receiving more and more attention, the types of forage grass are also continuously enriched, the output is also increasing, and the planting area of alfalfa is expanding rapidly. Practice has proved that if the processing of alfalfa can not keep up with the deep processing, it will result in high yield of farmers a bumper harvest, or a bumper harvest, has led to a re-grazing situation. At present, the most important problem in the deep processing of valerian is that there is no corresponding fast drying equipment. Pasture dryer manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli has promoted the practice and application of pasture dryer, and found that alfalfa uses high temperature and rapid drying, which not only has high yield and low cost, but also has the least loss of protein and amino acid in the drying process, which is better than natural drying. The protein content of grass is 5%-7% higher, which greatly improves the comprehensive benefits of pasture. From the following aspects, the necessity of promoting pasture dryer can be seen:

pasture dryer

  1. To solve the needs of high-yield period of alfalfa, the crops harvested by alfalfa for more than one year can be harvested for 3 to 5 per year depending on the climatic conditions of the planting area. The harvest time per harvest is only 10 to 15 days; alfalfa flowering, its protein content will be greatly reduced. At the time of harvesting, if it encounters the rainy season, it will not be able to dry and cause mildew after harvesting, which will inevitably result in a bumper harvest of farmers. To solve this problem, it is necessary to equip the planted area with the corresponding quick drying equipment.

  2. The need to improve the economic benefits of pasture. At present, due to the lack of rapid drying equipment, the weeding plant mainly relies on air drying after harvesting, resulting in 5% to 7% loss of protein contained in fresh alfalfa, 18 kinds of amino acids, carotene and Other useful elements are substantially lost, and only crude peptone containing less than 17% to 18% protein is obtained. If the quick-drying machine is used to dry the valerian, the amino acid, carotene and protein content can be preserved, and the mash containing more than 20% to 24% of the protein is obtained. A cockroach with a protein content greater than 20% can be sold for up to $300/t (hay). It can be seen that if you want to obtain high added value, you must have a quick drying device.

  Based on the above factors, the promotion of new high-temperature pasture dryer technology and equipment is of great significance for high-yield pasture such as alfalfa.

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