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Dryer storage method in winter

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-11-05  

  Winter is coming soon, and the maintenance methods of the dryer equipment have also changed. How to make the dryer equipment cold and moisture-proof is a problem that many users are extremely concerned about. Today, we will give you a detailed introduction.

rotary dryer equipment

  As is known to all, the dryer equipment is to transfer the moisture in the material through the transfer of thermal energy to achieve the purpose of drying the material. How to achieve a larger drying effect with smaller heat energy has been pursued by many manufacturers and users. In winter, reduce the loss of heat in the air. There are many heat source equipments for dryers, which are usually classified according to the cost of fuel. There are coal, fuel, gas, electricity, etc. According to the heat transfer conditions, they can be divided into: insulation medium indirect heating and direct heating.

  The cost of insulation for drying equipment is not high, but the thermal power of the insulation machine can usually improve by 10-30%. The insulation of the dryer equipment usually has to deal with two questions: one is to reduce the heat dissipation of the cylinder, and the other is to improve the heat exchange power. In order to reduce the heat loss of the dryer cylinder, an inner cylinder cooperative combination type intermediate lifting equipment is installed inside the dryer to push and smash the material, and the heat exchange power is greatly improved. The drying equipment also has a heat storage effect and direct heat exchange with the material.

  In addition to the heat loss of the dryer unit's external surface is a measure of the energy efficiency of the dryer equipment, another important goal is the exhaust gas outlet temperature of the dryer equipment. It is necessary to make the drying system have stable and proper ventilation, match the energy-saving leading hot air furnace, optimize the internal structure of the dryer equipment cylinder, and improve the heat exchange rate. These methods have more than doubled the output value of traditional dryers. Find a suitable heat source for the dryer equipment, and then do a good insulation method, so the dryer equipment is really easy to use.

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