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Does investing in potato dregs dryer make money? Is it easy to use?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-31  

  The potato residue dryer is a drying equipment that reduces the water content and improves its nutritional value after drying the potato residue. It can be continuously operated, stable and reliable, with high drying efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Does the potato residue dryer make money?

potato residue dryer

  With the increase in the proportion of deep processing of potatoes, a large amount of potato waste water slag will be produced during potato processing. With a potato slag dryer, these waste water slag can be processed into high-quality feed, improve the economic value of potato slag, and increase the economic income of enterprises.

  Advantages of potato dregs dryer: compact structure, small footprint; the whole machine adopts drum structure, compact; intelligent control, simple operation; PLC control system, one-button operation, quick start, safe control.

  If you want to know more about the performance of the potato dregs dryer, you can come to our factory for inspection, you can free test machine, accompanied by staff throughout the entire process, free of charge for all kinds of equipment consultation. If you are not convenient to come to the factory, you can consult online or leave a message, we will answer you in time!

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