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How to configure the sweet potato residue feed processing production line?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-30  

  Sweet potato residue is the waste obtained during the processing of sweet potato starch. Although it is waste, it still contains certain value. It needs to use a dryer to remove water, and the sweet potato residue is dried to produce high quality protein feed, not only can red sweet potato slag resources be reused, but also high economic benefits can be created. So what equipment is needed for the sweet potato residue feed processing line? How to configure high profitability?

sweet potato residue dryer

  The sweet potato slag feed processing production line consists of heat source equipment, sweet potato slag dewatering machine, sweet potato slag dryer, baler, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, etc. The process flow: dehydration-drying-packing, etc., daily processing 20-300 tons with our unique drying technology, it effectively solves the problems of traditional dryer dry sweet potato slag blockage, paste, uneven drying, etc. The dried materials have good color and good quality, and the production line is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and stable, and is well received by new and old customers.

  How to configure the production line to have high profitability?

  The establishment of a sweet potato slag feed drying plant to build a production line requires a variety of considerations, to establish different requirements for processing sweet potato slag production size, finished product moisture, etc., in order to configure a profitable production line, you need to start from the following aspects:

  1. Choose quality equipment

  In the course of operation, some high-quality production equipment is not easy to malfunction, environmental protection performance is good, in line with relevant national production standards, green and environmental protection, saving production costs.

  2. Reasonable configuration

  The configuration scheme of the sweet potato residue drying production line is various, and the configuration will be different for different users' production requirements. The user should have a targeted selection, configure the appropriate model, and cannot blindly pursue the output, but ignore the quality of the finished product.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of sweet potato slag dryer equipment, providing high-quality production solutions for countless users to solve various problems. The high quality of the equipment and the perfect service have won the trust of users. If you are interested and need, you can consult online for free and professional technicians will configure it for you.

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