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Corn starch residue drying high temperature dryer is highly practical

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-28  

  Corn starch slag has a variety of drying processes. For corn starch slag used in feed production process, it is more practical to use three-cylinder high-temperature dryer. The drying cost is lower, the operability is stronger, the efficiency is higher, and the production capacity is not limited.

corn starch residue dryer

  The corn starch slag dryer adopts a three-barrel drying structure. Firstly, it has an advantage in the area occupied by the plant. In this drying structure, the material travels in a form of two retreats, effectively prolonging the heating time of the material, without extending the length of the dryer cylinder, therefore, under the premise of the same capacity of the three-tube corn starch residue dryer, the footprint is smaller.

  The material is heated for a long time, and the heat source comes from the heated air and the cylinder wall. Therefore, the heat utilization rate is higher, and the energy consumption of the corn starch residue drying is obviously reduced, and the energy consumption is the main cost source of the corn starch residue dryer. Therefore, there is a greater demand for three-cylinder dryers on the market.

  At present, the main functions and requirements of corn starch slag dryer are concentrated in environmental protection, heat supply environmental protection, exhaust gas environmental protection, only to meet the requirements of environmental assessment can be set up faster, put into production on time. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made full-scale environmentally-friendly and energy-saving tumble dryer, suitable for corn starch residue, sprayed corn husk, corn slag and other feed drying production mixed feed.

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