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How to quickly remove slime water?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-26  

  With the continuous improvement of mechanical technology, the output of coal mining has also increased significantly. In the process of mining, after the coal is washed, some of the coal will be washed away by water, and part of the coal will be formed into sediment, which will cause the loss of coal. The high moisture content of the slime is difficult to use directly. How to quickly remove the water from the slime? Of course, the slime is dried by professional drying equipment.

slime dryer

  The specific work of the slime dryer is as follows:

  The material is shoveled into the dispersing feeder by the loader, and then transferred to the loading belt conveyor by the slime-spreading feeder. The feeding belt conveyor is fed into the roller screw propulsion device, and then the large dip angle guiding plate will be It is quickly guided to the inclined feeding area, and with the rotation of the drum and the inclination of the cylinder, it is lifted from the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the cylinder to form a "material curtain", and the high-temperature flue gas entering the drying drum at the same end of the wet material is worn through. The wet material is formed into conduction and convective heat exchange, preheating the wet material and evaporating part of the moisture. At the same time, the temperature of the high-temperature flue gas rapidly drops, and the pre-heated wet material enters the intermediate-temperature drying stage, and most of the moisture is evaporated at this stage.

  As the material and the flue gas are repeatedly mixed and exchanged, the material is discharged from the drying drum after reaching the heat balance and reaching the moisture requirement for the material. After the heat exchange, the exhaust gas containing a large amount of water vapor and dust is subjected to coarse dust removal by a first-stage cyclone dust removal, and then finely dusted by a secondary bag type dust remover or a wet dust remover, and the purified exhaust gas dust content is controlled at 50 mg/m3 below, after meeting the requirements of environmental protection standards, it is directly discharged to form the entire drying process.

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