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How to select beer yeast dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-21  

  The selection of the beer yeast dryer should be reasonable in order to save investment, reduce operating costs, ensure product quality, and obtain maximum economic benefits. However, how to choose these types to achieve these effects? Today I want to tell you some principles of dryer equipment selection:

beer yeast dryer

  1. It is best to make the drying experiment of the material before the selection, and to understand the drying device that has been used in similar materials, which is often helpful for proper selection.

  2. The drying device with simple structure, sufficient spare parts supply, high reliability and long service life is preferred.

  3. The drying equipment must first be applicable to specific materials and meet the basic requirements for drying of materials, including good handling of materials, and can meet the basic requirements of treatment volume, dewatering amount, product quality and so on.

  4. Low operating costs. Equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.

  5. Low energy consumption. Different drying methods have different energy consumption indexes. Generally, the thermal efficiency of conductive drying can reach 100% theoretically, and convection drying can only be about 70%.

  6. In line with environmental requirements, good working conditions, high security.

  7. Save investment. The drying device that performs the same function sometimes has a very different cost, and should be selected as the lower one.

  8. High drying rate. As far as the drying rate is concerned, the material is highly dispersed in hot air during convection drying, has a low critical moisture content, a fast drying speed, and is also convectively dried. The drying method has different critical moisture contents, and thus the drying rate is also different.

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