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Feed dryer failure and its solution

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-15  

  Feed drying equipment has a reasonable structure, energy saving and high efficiency, and has played a huge role in the research and application of new feed. Each type of equipment will malfunction when used for a long time. As a large-scale mechanical equipment, the feed dryer will also have some troubles when used for a long time. Dingli gives several suggestions and solutions for several common faults of the feed dryer.

  When the feed dryer is found to be faulty, stop it first and then analyze the cause of the failure.

feed dryer

  First, there is excessive noise.

  To solve the problem of excessive noise in the feed dryer, it should be considered from many aspects, such as whether the placement position is unbalanced, if it is placed evenly; if it is not installed, if it is reinstalled for a long time; the bearing is not lost. If the oil is damaged, replace the bearing; if the fixing bolt of the bearing seat is loose, if it is tightened for a long time.

  Second, long-term use, the phenomenon of belt slack, shedding and broken sections.

  To solve this problem, we should always check whether the contact of each switch is good, whether the fuse is blown, the position of the motor is correct, and the belt shoule be often replaced.

  Third, the brake failure

  This is mostly caused by excessive wear of the brake pads, so to solve this problem, just replace the brake pads.

  Fourth, the phenomenon of gas leakage in feed drying equipment

  This phenomenon is most likely caused by the installation, and the solution to this problem is to find the cause.

  If the feed dryer fails for a long time, it will affect its service life. Attention should also be paid to the maintenance and repair work of the drying equipment to ensure the normal operation of the feed drying equipment.

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