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Solution to yeast dryer noise problem

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-15  

  In the use of the dryer will encounter a variety of problems, here I will tell you the solution to the problem of excessive noise during the use of the yeast dryer. For the problem of yeast dryer noise, in order to solve the problem and completely relieved, we must first analyze the cause.

yeast dryer

  The reasons for the high noise of the dryer are:

  1. It may be that the tumble dryer is not installed stably, causing the dryer to violently generate noise during work.

  2. The bearing loses oil or is damaged, causing noise to be generated by friction between mechanical parts during work.

  3. The bearing block fixing bolt is loose, causing the dryer to generate noise when the feed is swaying.

  The solution is to re-install the smooth dryer equipment, take care of the bearing block fixing bolts, or replace the bearings of the dryer equipment. The dryer equipment produced by Zhengzhou Dingli has undergone dozens of procedures in quality inspection. After the sale, it is also equipped with special planes, not only to do the service well, but also to do the best. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.

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