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Bean dreg dryer start and stop sequence

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-10  

  For a large set of bean dreg dryer equipment, correct opening and closing is one of the important factors to extend the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the correct use method also contributes to the overall operation of the equipment, improve production efficiency and ensure production safety. What are the order of drying and stopping the dryer?

bean dregs dryer

  Boot sequence

  1. Start the bean dreg dryer at the same time in the furnace, so that the dryer is evenly heated in the furnace process;

  2. Open the feeding belt conveyor at the same time in the furnace;

  3. When the temperature of the feeding end of the equipment is 250 degrees, the feed electric shock feeder is turned on, and a small amount of feeding is started;

  4. Gradually increase the feeding amount according to the temperature increase. When the feeding amount is maximum, the dryer drive motor must not exceed the working rated current.

  Shutdown sequence

  1. Stop the oil supply, gas supply or coal supply system of the hot blast stove 30 minutes before the shutdown, and stop feeding when the temperature of the tail of the bean dreg dryer is lower than 90 degrees;

  2. After the bean dregs in the drum are all discharged, turn off the motor;

  3. Stop transporting the bean dregs into the drum;

  4. Rotate the cylinder every 10-15 minutes after shutdown until the drum and the drum body are deformed.

  For large-scale soybean processing enterprises, a large amount of wet bean dregs has a short storage period and is extremely easy to ferment and deteriorate. The dehumidification of wet bean dregs is carried out by using the bean dreg dryer to realize the effective storage of the bean dregs, which can not only meet the needs of animal feed production, but also create benefits for enterprises.

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