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How to control the heat loss of sawdust dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-09  

  Biomass fuel has received more and more attention from the industry. Drying has become the first step in the use of sawdust resources. It is also a booster for energy utilization and energy conservation and emission reduction. However, after a long period of observation and experiment, Dingli found that the sawdust dryer in the market generally has excessive heat loss. In the long run, it will lead to an increase in the investment cost of the enterprise, which is not conducive to the realization of energy-saving goals.

  How to reduce the excessive heat loss of sawdust drying has become the focus of R&D. In the efforts of technicians and many test machines, we have found a way.

sawdust dryer

  1. Reduce the initial moisture content of sawdust

  Under the same heating condition, the material with large moisture content is slow to dry, and the more heat needed in the drying process, it will inevitably increase the heat loss of the equipment. Reducing the initial moisture content of the sawdust is a prerequisite for preventing excessive heat loss during the sawdust drying process. Specifically, the dewatering work can be performed first.

  2. Reasonably control the speed of the sawdust dryer

  In order to increase the output, some users increase the speed of the sawdust dryer privately. Not only will the effect not be achieved, but also the waste of thermal energy resources. The faster the speed, the faster the speed of the drying cylinder, the lower the thermal efficiency and the heat loss. According to the actual situation, the cylinder speed is designed to avoid excessive heat loss.

  3. Strengthen the sealing and heat preservation of pipes and cylinders

  During the drying process, if the pipeline leaks or the drying performance of the drying cylinder is not good, the cylinder has cracks, etc., the heat loss will be too large, and the sawdust will not reach the drying effect, which not only causes waste of resources, but also affects the quality of sawdust drying. Ensuring the insulation of pipes and cylinders is also an important measure to prevent excessive heat loss.

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