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Cassava slag dryer - a good helper for the use of slag

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-08  

  Potato residue (cassava residue, sweet potato residue, potato residue, etc.) has a large amount of water and a large viscosity. In the past drying process, it tends to stick to walls, agglomerate, and blockage, and the drying equipment cannot be normally produced, and the user's interests are impaired. The cassava slag dryer developed by Zhengzhou Dingli is a new type of equipment developed on the basis of traditional dryers. It can dry all kinds of potato slag with high water content to less than 10% at one time. It has strong pertinence and practicality. It has high efficiency and energy efficiency. The equipment is equipped with special temperature adjustment, lifting material, guiding material and dispersing device, which effectively avoids sticking and clogging. It can meet the continuous production of dry and large-volume materials of roots, stems, leaves, strips, lumps, flakes, large granules, etc., while also retaining the nutrients and colors of the products to the utmost.

cassava dregs dryer

  In the process of production for the user, our factory has designed the most practical and best quality cassava dregs drying equipment according to the characteristics of the required drying products and the requirements of the user's craftsmanship, combined with the accumulated experience of more than ten years. The following are some of the characteristics of the cassava dregs dryer produced by our factory:

  1. Automatic feeding, automatic discharging, low heat energy consumption and high production efficiency.

  2. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and wide application range.

  3. It is especially suitable for materials that do not allow high temperatures.

  4. The drying speed is fast and the evaporation intensity is high.

  5. The use of novel and unique sealing device, coupled with a good insulation system, effectively reduces the coal consumption of the drying system.

  6. The overall system has good sealing performance and is equipped with a complete dust removal device, no dust overflow and good operating environment.

  7. After the drying section, it can be matched with the subsequent sections such as crushing, mixing, granulating and packing to produce the finished product of cassava residue.

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