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The development direction of yeast feed on yeast dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-07  

  During the fermentation of beer, a large amount of yeast is produced. This yeast is rich in protein and can be widely used in food, feed, bio-health, pharmaceutical and other industries through yeast dryer drying. It is a good feed additive, is a major way to address feed protein shortages.

yeast dryer

  Food hygiene is getting more and more attention. Therefore, the use of natural additives such as direct-feeding microorganisms and Chinese herbal medicine additives to replace various synthetic drugs or antibiotics will attract more and more attention, and will become the development direction of the feed additive industry. The waste yeast produced by beer will become its own advantage. The development of the feed industry in the future will definitely promote the rapid development of the yeast dryer industry. Feeding and utilizing yeast drying through the Dingli Yeast dryer can turn waste into treasure. It not only solves the problem of stacking waste beer yeast, but also makes rational use of resources, environmental protection and sanitation.

  Yeast dryer features:

  1. The degree of mechanization of drying is high, the production capacity is large, and it can run continuously.

  2. The structure is excellent and simple, and the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder and is easy to operate.

  3. Less faults, low maintenance costs, and low power consumption.

  4. The uniformity of product drying is good.

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