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Equipment in Pellet Storage Room

Date: 01-21-2016 Author: dingli

Equipment in Pellet Storage Room
Generally speaking, the storage room plays an important role in pellets storage. In the following, some advices about the equipment in the storage room will be given.
As the experienced manufacture of pellet mills, we will give our professional guidance: doors and hatches should open to the outside and should have a dust-proof seal all the way round. Wooden planks must be used on the inside of doors or hatches to the pellet store so that the pellets do not touch the door or hatch. The door lock should be dust-proof sealed from the inside. Visual inspection facilities to check the degree of filling are recommended. If possible, the door should be in the vicinity of the filling connector. This ensures that entry to the pellet store is available for a period during delivery, as the pellets will build up against the far wall when blown in.

In addition, the storage room should have an inclined base, constructed so that the silo will be emptied completely. The angle of the inclined base should be between 40 and 45 degrees, so that the pellet bags can slide down. The inclined base should be made of wooden sheet materials with a smooth surface. The sides of the pellet removal conveyor should have no edges or grates that prevent the pellets from falling into it. The inclined base should be connected to the surrounding walls in such a way that no pellets can fall into the empty space. The inclined base should be able to cope with the static load of the weight of the pellets. A stable foundation is essential. Suitable angle irons can be used for the construction of the inclined base. There should be a maximum distance of 60-70 cm between supports. The connection of the inclined base to the outfeed system should be made according to the instructions of the firm that has delivered the outfeed system.
What is another point is that noise protection. The construction of the inclined base, the outfeed system, as well as the passages through walls, should be constructed in such a way that transfer of noise is prevented.
At last, we will talk about the impact protection mat. In fact, it is essential to install an impact protection mat made of wear and rip-proof material. The mat should be installed at right angles to the direction that pellets are blown in, close to the far wall opposite the filling connector. The mat should be inspected the first time the storage room is filled to see if it performs according to requirements. The impact protection mat protects the pellets from being damaged on impact with the rear wall. The mat also protects the rear wall from damage. Examples of suitable impact protection: high density polyethyleen foil at least 1mm thick, or wear-proof rubber with a thickness of 1-3mm.
In a word, the above are our advice. Just believe that whirlston will offer you professional advices and will not let you down.

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