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Dingli Grain Dryer adopts low temperature, mixed flow, frequency conversion and other technologies for drying, and is suitable for drying rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower seeds, millet, rapeseed and other crops as well as grain seeds.

Dingli mixed-flow drying tower adopts low temperature and constant temperature, and uses clean energy of heat exchange air to fully cover drying without secondary pollution. Fully enclosed drying (after the clean hot air source enters the dryer, it is converted into water vapor and discharged from the dryer through the detoxification and induced draft fan, which has high heat utilization rate). The performance is stable and the moisture content of the drying is consistent inside and outside, so that the grains will not become moldy. Changeable and easy to preserve for a long time. The self-flow circulation dryer raises the height of the entire machine, minus the screw conveyor system, and uses wear-resistant and smooth stainless steel as the flow channel plate, thereby ensuring that the grain falls without collision. The dried grains are less damaged and have bright color.

Batch Circulation Grain Drying Tower1
Batch Circulation Grain Drying Tower2
Batch Circulation Grain Drying Tower3



 Low-temperature drying: The low-temperature batch circulation drying tower for grains adopts low-temperature drying technology. By controlling the temperature of the hot air generated by the hot air stove, the hot air enters the drying tower at a lower temperature. Low-temperature drying can reduce heat damage to grain during the drying process and maintain the quality and nutritional content of grain.

Batch cycle: The drying tower adopts the batch cycle drying method, that is, the grain to be dried is put into the drying tower in batches. During the drying process, hot air circulates in the tower body, exchanges heat with the grain, and evaporates the moisture in the grain. After each batch of grain is dried, it will be moved out of the drying tower, and then the next batch of grain will enter for drying.

Circulating air system: The drying tower is equipped with a circulating air system. After the hot air is generated by the hot air furnace, it is sent into the drying tower through the air supply system to exchange heat with the grain. During the heat exchange process, hot air will take away the moisture in the grain and form humid air. The moist air is discharged out of the drying tower through the dehumidification system, while part of the dry hot air will be recycled and re-entered into the hot air furnace for heating and then sent back into the drying tower to form a circulating air system.Control

system: The drying tower is also equipped with a control system that can automatically adjust parameters such as the temperature, air supply volume, and moisture removal volume of the hot blast stove based on factors such as the type of grain, initial moisture content, and target moisture content to achieve the best results. Drying effect.



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