How to extend the service life of grain drying equipment?

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To extend the service life of grain drying equipment, here are some key measures and suggestions:

1. Regular maintenance and care

Cleaning work: Regularly clean the dust, debris and residue inside and outside the equipment to ensure that the equipment is well ventilated and avoid blockage.

Lubrication maintenance: Regularly check and replenish the lubrication system of the equipment to keep all parts well lubricated and reduce wear.

Tightening inspection: Regularly check the fasteners of the equipment, such as screws, nuts, etc., to ensure that they are reliably fastened to avoid loosening and failure.

2. Reasonable use and operation

Operating procedures: Operators should strictly follow the operating procedures of the equipment to avoid misoperation or overload operation.

Starting and shutting down: Before starting up, ensure that all parts are normal, and after shutting down, necessary inspections and maintenance should be carried out.

Temperature and air volume: According to the type and humidity of the grain, reasonably adjust the temperature and air volume of the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment caused by too high or too low temperature and air volume.

3. Choose the right equipment type and configuration

Equipment selection: According to the production scale, grain type and drying requirements, choose the right equipment type and configuration.

Material selection: Equipment materials should have corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties to cope with harsh working environments.

4. Timely handling of faults and abnormalities

Troubleshooting: Once a fault or abnormality is found in the equipment, it should be shut down immediately for troubleshooting and repair.

Preventive measures: According to the law and cause of the fault, take corresponding preventive measures to avoid similar faults from happening again.

5. Training and guidance

Operation training: Provide operation training for new employees to ensure that they are proficient in the operation skills and maintenance knowledge of the equipment.

Technical support: Establish a good cooperative relationship with equipment suppliers to obtain tim


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