How does a grain drying tower work?

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The working process of a grain drying tower can be clearly divided into the following steps:

1. Raw material loading: First, the grain to be dried is loaded into the top of the drying tower through a loading device. This loading process is usually carried out at the feed port of the drying tower, which is usually equipped with a sealing valve and a manual or automatic feeding mechanism.

2. Hot air supply: The heat source system of the drying tower (such as coal, gas or electricity, etc.) starts to work and generates hot air. The hot air is transported to the tower through the hot air duct and enters from the bottom of the tower, gradually rising.

3. Drying process: As the hot air rises in the tower, it passes through the gaps and pores of the grain, takes away the moisture on the surface of the grain, and achieves grain drying. In this process, the agitator will evenly distribute the material in the drying chamber to avoid material agglomeration and improve drying efficiency.

4. Moisture discharge: As the drying process proceeds, the moisture in the grain is evaporated to form moisture. The exhaust port in the drying tower will discharge this moisture to ensure the pressure balance and drying effect inside the drying tower.

5. Drying completion and discharge: When the grain reaches the set dryness, the drying process ends. At this time, the dried grain is discharged from the drying tower through the discharge device.

Dingli grain drying tower heats the grain and evaporates the moisture through hot air to achieve grain drying. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and good drying effect, and is widely used in agriculture, grain storage and processing industries.


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