How to set the temperature of corn dryer?

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Corn dryer operating temperatures vary depending on the type of corn and desired results. Normally, for most types of corn, the hot air temperature of the dryer should be controlled between 60°C and 70°C, but this also needs to be adjusted appropriately according to different drying stages.

Initial drying stage: When the moisture content of corn is higher than 25%, the hot air temperature of the dryer should be controlled at around 60°C. Excessively high hot air temperature can easily lead to excessive drying of the corn surface and affect the overall drying effect.

Medium dry stage: When the moisture content of corn is between 20% and 25%, the hot air temperature can be appropriately increased to between 65℃ and 70℃. This temperature allows the hot air from the dryer to better penetrate into the interior of the corn and promote the rapid evaporation of the corn moisture.

Post-drying stage: When the moisture content of the corn is between 15% and 20%, the hot air temperature can be increased again to about 70°C. This temperature can promote the complete evaporation of moisture inside the corn and achieve the final drying effect.

The inlet and outlet temperatures of corn drying equipment also need to be controlled. The temperature of the hot gas at the entrance of the drying tower is usually between 600 and 800°C, while the temperature of the hot gas at the outlet is controlled at 80 and 120°C. These temperature ranges help ensure drying efficiency and finished product quality.

The operating temperature of the corn dryer is not static. It will be affected by many factors, such as the initial moisture content of the corn, the performance of the drying equipment, and the drying time. Therefore, when using a corn dryer, the temperature should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the best drying effect.


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