The use of pasture after drying-forage dryer

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Forage dryer manufacturers introduced that forage is one of the main feeds for livestock, and the quality of forage is related to the production efficiency of livestock. In order to ensure the quality of forage grass, it is generally chosen to be dried. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the birth of forage dryers has made forage drying more convenient and efficient. So what are the uses of pasture after drying?

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First, dried hay can be stored longer. Compared with untreated fresh grass, dried grass can not only be stored longer in the future, but also can be used in different seasons. This is very important for farmers who keep livestock for a long time.

Secondly, forage drying can improve the forage value of forage. Drying evaporates the water in the pasture, retaining the nutrients in it, which is more beneficial to the livestock. This process has the advantage of very good retention of various nutrients in the forage, which improves the value of the forage in production. The pasture after drying is more uniform in color, drier and tastes better, so it is also very suitable as feed.

Finally, the dried pasture can be used to make other fodder. After the forage is dried, it can be converted into high-energy and low-protein grass powder, and then used as compound feed. This method is very suitable for livestock that require high-energy feed. At the same time, the dried pasture can also be used to make pet food such as dog food and cat food, which also has a good role in promoting the growth and development of pets.

In short, forage drying has a wide range of uses, whether it is to ensure the storage time of forage, to improve the feeding value of livestock, or as a raw material for other feed, it can play its due role. With the further maturity of forage dryer technology, the dried forage will play a more extensive and important role, and it will also play an important role in promoting the development of agricultural production and livestock breeding industry.

The above is the relevant summary and sharing of pasture drying mobile phone manufacturers. I hope that the above summary and sharing will be helpful to everyone!


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