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How to carry out anti-corrosion protection treatment of vinasse dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2022-06-16  

The vinasse dryer is a professional waste vinasse dehydration and drying processing equipment. The vinasse dryer is mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding machine, a drying drum, a transmission device, a feeding machine, an induced draft fan and a power distribution cabinet. The wet brewer's grains are sent to the drying drum. There are a plurality of spiral-shaped copying boards in the cylinder. The rotation of the cylinder drives the copying boards to continuously raise the lees, and the hitting device on the cylinder wall prevents the material from sticking to the cylinder. Wall and copy board, the raised material is fully contacted with the hot air flow introduced by the induced air system, which accelerates the drying heat and mass transfer, evaporates the water, completes the drying, and is discharged from the discharge port.

For dryers that often handle corrosive materials, anti-corrosion work must be done. Usually dryers are composed of flat plates, cylinders and welded parts, and the anti-corrosion methods of dryers for different parts and purposes are also different. According to the working conditions of the dryer, the commonly used anti-corrosion methods mainly include the following three:

First, electrostatic powder spraying. Electrostatic powder spraying is a method of coating a new type of powder coating on the barrel of the dryer. Many manufacturers use the old-fashioned method of spraying liquid paint on the dryer cylinder, but these liquid paints contain a large amount of organic solvents such as ester ketones and hydrocarbons, which are flammable and explosive and very unsafe. It causes a lot of troubles to production, construction, storage and transportation, etc., and such liquids are usually toxic, which will cause serious pollution to the environment after volatilizing into the air. When we manufacture dryers, we usually use cold-rolled stainless steel, which is very expensive and does not have superior corrosion resistance when replaced with ordinary carbon steel. The corrosion resistance of the powder coating used by the electrostatic powder coating method is completely comparable to that of stainless steel, and we can use ordinary carbon steel instead of stainless steel. And this type of powder coating is tough, durable, decorative, and has excellent outdoor weathering and heat resistance, as well as excellent industrial dryer corrosion and chalk resistance, excellent gloss and shade. The performance can completely replace the dryer made of stainless steel, which greatly reduces the cost.

Second, the welds are welded using austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel. Many parts of the dryer must be welded, and the materials used in the old-fashioned welding often break and corrode. It has a serious impact on the life of the dryer. The difference between austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel is that it has poor thermal conductivity, large expansion coefficient during heating, and high resistance value. These characteristics limit the need for special methods when welding this material. However, this kind of steel has extremely high corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to cause fractures and so on.

Third, passivation and phosphating. In the manufacture and production of dryers, many parts are made of carbon steel. If the working time is long, it is easy to cause a lot of rust on the surface, and a lot of manual rust removal work is often required. The passivation and phosphating methods are mainly through electrical and electrochemical reactions, and through one-time treatment, the surface of the steel workpiece covered with rust can show the original color of the metal, and at the same time, a dense anti-rust film is formed on the metal surface. After using this method, it will not cause rust even if we put the device in a humid environment. And this method is very simple, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce investment, is the most widely used anti-corrosion method.

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