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  • Maintenance of Drum Dryer

    Maintenance of Drum Dryer

    1. The bearing bears entire weight of the machine, has a direct impact on the service life of the dryer . So it needs good lubrication to support operation. Thus, users shall use clean lube oil and keep the bearing well sealed.Parts that nee...

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  •   Russia customers to visit Dingli company wood dryer

    Russia customers to visit Dingli company wood dryer

    On July 14. Russia customers come to learn more about our production plant, technical research and development strength, wood chip dryer etc. Our Deputy General Manager Mr Wei welcomes visitors from Russia. And arrange to do meticulous recep...

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  • How to avoid the animal feed pellet machine mold damage

    How to avoid the animal feed pellet machine mold damage

    Mould is one of the important parts of animal feed pellet machine , in the process of using machine processing production, workers should be the right way to operate, reduce the damage to the core parts, prolong the service life of machine,...

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  • Pellet Mill Plant

    Pellet Mill Plant

    Where should I start to build a pellet mill ? Small, medium or large mill, which is suitable for me? Here at Zhengzhou Dingli company we provide a range of pellet mills and plants. All pellet manufacturing plan and facilities are customized...

    Postdate: 07-14-2016Read more

  • Pellet Machine Application Introduction

    Pellet Machine Application Introduction

    Zhengzhou Dingli company is engaged in sawdust pellet mill plant , straw pellet machine manufacturing. Our machines have won good evaluation in the market around the world. Now, lets introduce about the main pellet machine application: First...

    Postdate: 07-13-2016Read more

  •  Zhengzhou Dingli Spraying corn husks drying line settled in

    Zhengzhou Dingli Spraying corn husks drying line settled in

    Congratulations to Zhengzhou Dingli cooperate with customers from Ningxia on spray corn husks drying projects . Both sides have signed a cooperation contract. Clients came to Zhengzhou Dingli attracted by the case around the domestic for the...

    Postdate: 07-12-2016Read more

  • Materials for Biomass Pellets

    Materials for Biomass Pellets

    Biomass pellet is a collective term used to describe those fuel pellets which are made form renewable resources to generate heat and energy. Among them wood pellets are the most common type. Wood pellets are compressed, sawdust-size wood fi...

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  • Development of sawdust particles machine

    Development of sawdust particles machine

    With the development of the society, the development of mineral resources in recession or dried up stage, quite a number of resource-based cities in our countrys economic development is in trouble, and bring a series of economic and social p...

    Postdate: 07-09-2016Read more

  •  Rice Dryers Drying Steps

    Rice Dryers Drying Steps

    Drying of rice and other crops, which is a heat-sensitive rice drying too fast or improper selection of parameters easier to crack. Composite paddy rice drying characteristics and to achieve quality and other factors, pay attention to the fo...

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  • Chongqing fengjie 3 tons/h of sawdust drying production line

    Chongqing fengjie 3 tons/h of sawdust drying production line

    Recently Dingli company made successive sales orders, after-sale installation and commissioning work in an orderly way. On July 5, the Chongqing fengjie produced 3 tons/h of wood chips drying production line in Dingli company after-sales eng...

    Postdate: 07-07-2016Read more

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