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  • Corn Grain Dryer

    Corn Grain Dryer

    Corn grain dryer adopts high air temperature to heat up food quickly in the top of the drying section, and take away part of the surface water. Intermediate drying air temperature off the middle section uses large amounts of water. Through...

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  • Grain Drying Equipment of Various Types

    Grain Drying Equipment of Various Types

    Grain drying technology is one of important agricultural storage and fresh-keeping processing techniques. According to statistics, Chinas grain harvest every year due to the damp climate, wet Valley a chance to dry or has failed to meet the...

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  • Grain drying equipment presents "Six Trends"

    Grain drying equipment presents "Six Trends"

    For the current situation of grain drying equipment , combined with the vast rural market demand, industry experts recently about the author pointed out that the development of grain drying equipment will show six trends. First, grain drying...

    Postdate: 09-05-2016Read more

  • The Grain Dryer machine Operating principle

    The Grain Dryer machine Operating principle

    Drum dryer is also called the grain dryers , grain drying machine is an ideal equipment for drying grain and oil, processed products from the top input, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment always in full load condition d...

    Postdate: 09-03-2016Read more

  • Grain dryer

    Grain dryer

    Concurrent flow grain dryer : The concurrent flow grain dryer mainly consists of drying sections, tempering sections and cooling section. It adopts concurrent drying and counter flow cooling technology. Each drying section is followed by a t...

    Postdate: 09-02-2016Read more

  • Grain dryer using

    Grain dryer using

    1. Cooked grain dryer grain The harvest of grain because of repeated by the sun, rain, dew, wet thousands, cooked to a certain amount of crack, and its water content is less, according to the normal speed for drying in the drying machine, is...

    Postdate: 09-01-2016Read more

  • Grain dryer trends

    Grain dryer trends

    The status quo of Chinas grain drying equipment , combined with the vast rural market demand. The experts believe that the development of domestic grain drying equipment will show the following trends. Production capacity: 1.Grain dryer sh...

    Postdate: 08-31-2016Read more

  • Grain Dryers

    Grain Dryers

    Few things will change the way you farm as much as the addition, or update, of a continuous-flow dryer. Zhengzhou Dingli company sells grain dryers. Fact is, we do a lot more than just sell grain dryers - we understand them and we service th...

    Postdate: 08-30-2016Read more

  • Grain drying equipment

    Grain drying equipment

    The harvested grains and having high humidity content should be dried in order to make possible in order to be safely stored. Basic conditions of a high performance dryer are: gently removal of the humidity, provides discharge air recycling,...

    Postdate: 08-29-2016Read more

  • Mobile maize dryer development

    Mobile maize dryer development

    Mobile maize dryer development: Maize has been one of the major cash crops of Thailand. About 65-70 per cent of the 4-5 million tons annual production has been exported to other Asian countries. The remaining produce was utilised by the dom...

    Postdate: 08-27-2016Read more

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