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Power protection to solve the problem of grain drying

Date: 03-15-2016 Author: admin

Golden rice flower , is a year when the harvest . In the north of Zhejiang Haiyan vast fields , rice heavy bending the posture, the breeze , the waves rolling thrown . November 6 , the author Xu Haiyan Qinshan tanker village saw a golden rice fields, agricultural harvesters operating under skilful hands , back and forth busy.

Drying food into the nearby station . Dryer and booming , sending food to farmers flock. "Thanks to the power sector fast now to how , how much ! " Looked golden rice is fed into the sensor with three giant grain dryer , responsible for Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Zhejiang AIA oil Xu Village site Pan Li finally relieved.

Power protection to solve the problem of grain drying

"This is just the introduction of the low-temperature drying machines in Taiwan , but it is where the most capable assistant ." Pan force from the front to the author describes this "giant ." It turned out this year to bake station business scope expanded, rice recovered nearly 1,000 tons more than last year , turned several repeated . Large volume of business , and you have to keep up with the hardware . Former days, bake station installed a 15.1kW new dryer , the equivalent of 30 tons a day increases the drying capacity . Paddy drying is about to enter the peak period , the "Big Mac " has played a workers strike.

Originally, when the introduction of equipment, did not consider the problem of electricity . Electricity capacity is now about to turn a fan , power supply has become a problem . Rice farmers sent successively sent , if not promptly within two days of drying time , it will moldy , this big loser.

When the legitimate Laopan impatient , power -yuan , deputy director Lu sublimation initiative to come to , survey lines, to develop supply scheme . " Assured within two days Dentsu on ! " Land sublimation , then let Laopan eat a reassurance.

"You see , this is just set up the power lines ." Laopan trot Tanabe , pointed to the rice fields not far from a transformer. " Power will come from there took ! Dozen master bit less than half the time of power , they do a good job , bake station specifically for the use of nearly 400 meters and now running for three dryer together is not a problem ."

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