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The introduction of grain dryers trends

Date: 03-15-2016 Author: admin

The status quo of China's grain drying equipment, combined with the vast rural market demand, the experts believe that the development of domestic grain drying equipment will show the following trends:

The introduction of grain dryers trends

( 1 )Production capacity grain dryer should be large-scale development , the need to develop capacity in the next 20-30 tons of equipment per hour.
( 2 ) design a high moisture grains down safety standards for equipment , requiring more than 10% decline , for which there are two ways: First, the use of combined drying method , the synthesis of two or more drying unit coming of a new drying method the drying process , such as high-temperature fast flow of wet grain dryer preheating, then rotary drum dryer for drying at lower temperatures . From the current world grain drying technology developed countries , this is a trend. Second, the design of high-performance flash dryer grain.
( 3 ) the application of advanced control technology, the drying process to achieve automatic or semi- automatic direction.
( 4 ) be able to quickly process large quantities of high-temperature high-moisture grain.
( 5 ) study coal for energy, indirect energy efficient dryer is still the main direction , but should also explore new energy dryers, such as microwave energy , solar energy.
( 6 ) should be small rural grain dryers , multi-direction required to move , easy to operate , low investment and to ensure the quality of grain drying .

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